Herbivorous was first born with the love of creating healthy raw vegan treats using plant-based ingredients. As time passed we realized there was a need for more and diversified our offering to include comfort vegan meals and a full take-out menu. We believe in balance and bold flavours. Eating should be a pleasurable experience while being healthy, animal and environmentally friendly.

Opening hours: 

Mondays – Fridays 9:30am to 5:30pm 

Bi-Weekly Saturdays 8:30am to 2pm (see Instagram or Facebook)

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Amy Ares Herbivorous Owner

Amy Ares - Owner

My passion for veganism and food began at the age of 20 while I was living abroad in Thailand. I fell in love with creating vegan food and being the biggest dessert lover, I knew I wanted to create healthy desserts that I could eat regularly venture without feeling guilty about. My first venture was The Hungry Herbivore and sadly that closed in 2018 but the passion and desire to craete never left me. Herbivorous Eats was born and aims to serve everyone. I was a silent partner initially but assumed full ownership in May 2020 just as Covid hit the world. It's a challenging time but I believe in what we do and I know if we can get through this tough time, we will be able to soar in the future.
We look forward to serving you.

Jamie Theunissen - Manager

In 2016 I went cold-tofurkey vegan and haven’t looked back since.My favourite part about my transition in becoming 100% plant-based is that I was in-fact never eating bland “plants” because I was always surrounded by a variety of innovative, aromatic, and delicious vegan food!Hang on – Delicious AND ethical food?! You bet the animal-loving & food-crazed side of me was revved up! This realization to what a colourful and heart-warming lifestyle veganism was filled me with such warmth and this is where my passion for sharing vegan food with the rest of our community began – within the Herbivorous team.

Sim and Pathy

Our wonderful ladies who are behind the blender, oven and stove making all the delicious foods we have on offer. We can't say how grateful we are to have such wonderful committed staff who come to work with a smile every day.

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