The benefits of going vegan

Herbivorous: The benefits of going vegan

When people hear the word vegan, they often associate it with the idea of simply eating salads or having fruits all the time. There are lots of misconceptions that float around this way of life, and it’s time to put a stop to it. This is where we at Herbivorous come into the picture. 

Ever since we launched our website and opened our restaurant here in South Africa, it has been our goal to spread the word about veganism and tell people just how beneficial it is. From offering delicious meals and recipes here in our restaurant to posting loads of content about being vegan on our website, you will find that this is a haven for all vegans! 

If you are someone who is considering becoming a vegan but is not necessarily sure about what to do, don’t worry about it because we have your back. It can be daunting to change your way of life and take that leap towards something that is not familiar to you. Well, we are here to help you and say that the process is worth it. 

Remember that it only takes that first step to change your life for the better. If you would like to know more about the benefits of becoming a vegan, check out the coming section below: 

A vegan diet is delicious and flavourful 

There are lots of people who believe that being a vegan means eating bland food cause all you have are vegetables. However, this is not the case because you can truly get creative with your meals and see just how amazing they can be! There are lots of ways for you to experience veganism thanks to a wide variety of food. 

Some of the most delicious and common ingredients include lentils, cauliflower, chickpeas and mushrooms! If you take one bite of our dishes here at Herbivorous, you will wonder why you’ve never tried plant-based foods before! 

Going vegan means saving the earth and its animals 

Another reason why lots of people like to go vegan is that it advocates for the health and well-being of animals all over the planet. Billions of chickens, cows and pigs among other animals are being slaughtered every year and it’s all for human consumption. 

On the other hand, the packaging of these foods is also harmful to the environment. When you go vegan, you will also be using less plastic and more eco-friendly packaging that will not stay on the earth for years to come after you throw it in the trash. So, you’re eating good food and taking care of the planet at the same time! 

Veganism helps with weight loss

There are lots of people nowadays who want nothing more than to lose weight and switch to a healthier lifestyle. All of this and more will be possible if you try your hand at veganism. Not only is it healthier, but you will find that your goals of losing weight will be more attainable as well! 

If you combine a healthy diet with exercise and caring for your body, then you should be able to achieve your fitness goals in no time! You can get your fill of protein and carbs from various vegan dishes and maintain a fit and healthy body. 

Being a vegan will help avoid health issues in the future 

Since eating vegan food means all plant-based, it means that you will eventually be avoiding health issues in the future. When you eat vegan food, it drastically decreases your chances of getting diabetes, cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure. As you get older, you will find that you are maintaining your strength. 

You will also be able to save money moving forward and enjoy your life to the fullest. The less fatty foods you eat, the better your chances are of living a longer life. 

A vegan diet is said to help with your skin and overall appearance 

Aside from keeping your organs and overall bodily health on point, people say that being vegan also helps with their skin. You know what they say, ‘you are what you eat, and so vegans say that eating plant-based foods have improved their skin. 

Their skin has that different glow to it and their eyes are brighter. At times, you will notice that vegans have a bit of skip in their steps and are always open to trying something new. If you want to find out if these claims are true, all you have to do is try the vegan lifestyle for yourself! 

Vegans have attested that their lifestyle boosts their mood

Last but not least, vegans say that their overall lifestyle and happiness is improved when they eat plant-based food. They tend to have a brighter and happier demeanour and feel energetic during the day as well. This is because all of the nutrients they need can be found in their food. 

Bloating is also an issue that vegans don’t have to worry about. If you eat too much meat or dairy products, this can upset your stomach and eventually lead to bloating or maybe even diarrhoea.  Take care of your stomach and boost your immune system with all of the healthy foods that vegan dishes have to offer. 

Should you consider becoming a vegan?

Now that you know all about what it means to become a vegan and the benefits that come with it, are you ready to leap? Before you try being a vegan, it’s better to ask yourself some essential questions first and decide if it’s the right option for you. 

Can you commit to only eating plant-based foods? 

Of course, you will have to commit to being a vegan and successfully avoid all other forms of meat or dairy products. You are not a vegan if you have a plant-based diet and eat meat now and then. Try and ask yourself if you’re willing to truly commit and let go of other ingredients you’re used to eating. 

If you are feeling a bit confused, you can always try and dip your toes in the pool by having a few vegan meals. The transition from the lifestyle that you currently have and slowly try to adjust. If you find yourself enjoying it, then it means you can commit to being a vegan! 

Will it become a problem with your family and friends? 

One of the important things that we at Herbivorous tell our readers is that your family and friends should not be a huge deciding factor as to whether or not you should be a vegan. At the end of the day, it’s your life and you get to decide what aspects to sacrifice or not. 

So, try and decide to see if your family and friends are supportive of your decision then go from there. Take into consideration the fact that you will most likely be sharing meals with them on certain occasions, or they might want to have you over for dinner sometime. 

Are you willing to let go of certain ingredients like eggs or dairy? 

Meat, eggs and dairy are just some of the things that you will have to let go of if you ever decide to go vegan. This is not an easy decision for some, but others don’t mind the change. All products taken from animals are not eaten by vegans so ask yourself if you are willing to make that sacrifice. 

The process can be a tough one especially for someone who has been a meat eater for their entire life. Try to assess your situation and try your hand at some vegan foods. If you can do it, then everything else should follow! 

Is going vegan the right route for your health? 

Remember that every person’s body is different. All people want to be healthy but they have certain conditions that prevent them from eating certain foods or practising certain activities. Try to consult with your doctor first before you make a drastic decision like changing your diet. 

There are some cases when people cannot go vegan even if they wanted to because their body has some deficiencies. So, be sure to speak with your doctor first and if they give the green signal, then it’s time to start transitioning! 

Will becoming a vegan make you happy? 

Last but not least, never forget to put your happiness first. Even if you do wish to live a healthy lifestyle or you’re willing to make sacrifices, ask yourself if you will truly be happy with the decision. Being vegan means you are content with your life and the food that you eat. It’s the best way for you to appreciate your meals become even happier and healthier moving forward. 

About Herbivorous

For the longest time, our mission here at Herbivorous is to promote the lifestyle of a vegan and show people all over the world what it means to become a vegan along with all the benefits that come with it. You would be surprised just how amazing it is to go vegan, have a healthy lifestyle and be able to care for the planet at the same time. 

For more information, please feel free to visit our website. This is your chance to get the rundown on all things veganism and why you should try it for yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We will be glad to help in any way we can, so simply send a message via email and social media.

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