Top five vegan restaurants in the world

No single food can offer all the nutrition, energy and health benefits that we need. Most dietary guides out there will tell you the best eating pattern is to combine healthy picks among all food groups and stay within the calorie limit.

If you are looking for something to eat but also want to stay healthy, then a vegan diet is the best way to go. Going vegan is something that one should be proud of. There are only a few people who can keep up with the norm of eating veggies and avoiding junk food, so this is a feat.

Here in Herbivorous, we list the best foods that can guarantee you growth and wellness in the long run. Health is wealth, and there is no better way to track your health than to know what you eat. This is why picking the best restaurants that offer healthy meals is a great start.

Staying healthy is a must. You need to get all the basic nutrients that your body needs to keep you protected from diseases as well. You’ll find that major cities all over the world are slowly but surely developing strong vegan cultures, from cafes and co-ops straight on through to some of the world’s best vegan restaurants.

Here are the top five vegan restaurants around the world:

50th. Free Food – Johannesburg, South Africa

While the food says it’s free, The name ‘Free Food’ actually means that it is free from any animal products. This restaurant is purely 100% plant-based and is known well in Johannesburg for their vegan cakes and brunch fare. 

Every meal they serve in this restaurant is also known to be gluten-free, wheat-free, and sugar-free. What’s surprising is that it is still all delicious and every item on the menu well-prepared and bursting with a lot of flavour.

49th. Naturaleza Sabia – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The restaurant’s name literally means ‘wise nature’. Well, they do live up to the wisdom of nature and rely so much with the strong amount of bounty it provides everyone with. The menu has a wide variety of options for every type of person. 

From a lentil burger, braised tofu or even a nutrient-packed salad, the restaurant serves it all. People can even pair whatever they want with a lot of organic wines, which is the pride of Argentina.

48th. BarCeloneta Sangria Bar – Barcelona, Spain

BarCeloneta stands as one of the classic restaurants in Spain. Tapas is one of the best foods served in the country and every tourist has to taste it well. This sangria bar is one of the few spots in the country where people can enjoy flavourful, quality tapas that are 100% plant-based.

The restaurant uses natural ingredients and local products to whip up some of the best tasty vegan meals such as paella, shrimp and even squid plates. The tapas spread they serve is clearly known as one of the best in the country.

47th. Ooh Cha Cha – Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is known as one of the top vegan-friendly cities in Asia. There is no surprise that there is a wide variety of vegan restaurants in the city, and Ooh Cha Cha is one of the top restaurants in Taipei that is known by a lot of vegans.

Founded by California natives, Ooh Cha Cha is one of the places that offer real, simple and whole food. Herbivorous labels this place as one of the best when it comes to working with local farmers as they buy their supplies and ingredients from them and not the market.

46th. Mildred’s – London, England

Mildred’s is one of the known restaurants in England that has been there for so many years. The place has been serving local veggies since the 1980s and they have had so much time to improve the plant-based menu and it is so impressive and flavourful.

Every dish is fresh, colourful and packed with flavours that cannot be found anywhere else in London. They have four branches in the city, so people won’t run out of options to choose from.

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